Designer Sofia


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This is a gorgeous custom ordered costume which I have to let go due to gaining weight. The costume is gold all over but can turn into black where ever you like! (Check the video).

The bra is flexible and floating, so you can bend it slighly to make it rounder. The bands are see trough.
Cups: D
Measurements up to down 1 cup: 18 cm
Measurement bra right to left 1 cup: 18 cm

The skirt has no seams, so you can wear the split right or left.
Lengt: 99 cm
outskirt (non-stretched): 87 cm
(I had a 92 cm hipwaist)

You can find photo’s from the original ordered costume, it is exactly the same but with different sizes. Also you can find a video of me wearing the costume during performance.

Price original: 562,- euro (635,- dollar)
NEW price: 385,- euro

If you have questions, let me know.